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For Healthy Teeth’s Sake, Stop Chewing Ice!

- Dentist Las Vegas | Candy Cong DDS

THERE’S A GOOD REASON dental health professionals warn their patients not to chew ice. This habit can cause serious and permanent damage to teeth and gums, so what makes it so addicting in spite of the dangers? A Mental Condition Compulsive ice eating is called pagophagia. Sometimes it’s a symptom of pica, a psychological disorder […]

Childhood Tooth Injuries Are Preventable!

- Dentist Las Vegas | Candy Cong DDS

MINIMIZING THE RISK of childhood tooth injuries starts with knowing the most common causes of those injuries. Babies and toddlers are most likely to injure themselves by slipping in the bathtub. Non-slip mats are a great precaution! Projectiles like balls and frisbees can easily cause injuries, so make sure to discuss safety and not aiming at […]

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