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Family Dentistry at Sweet Smile Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Everyone has certainly heard that a healthy mouth equals a healthy body. We undoubtedly care about the health of our family. In that case, shouldn’t excellent oral health be a family affair? As a parent, your positive examples go a long way in passing healthy habits onto your kids. 

Drs. Cong and Smith understand your children are unique and require exceptional dental experience and care. Our friendly dental staff works together to ensure your whole family feels at ease when you walk through the door.

Sweet Smiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers comprehensive services to meet your family’s needs and goals. Everyone must have a positive experience during their family dental appointments. 

When visiting our family dentistry practice in Las Vegas, you benefit from simple dental prevention treatments to complicated restorations for a healthier smile and a happier body. 

What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry focuses on your oral hygiene habits and the health of your teeth. Family dentists concentrate on the requirements that kids’ teeth need at every stage of childhood. They understand precisely how your children’s growing teeth change from year to year. 

A massive part of our appointments is to ensure your kids build positive associations with dental exams. Children with great dental experience are much better at establishing good dental hygiene practices at home. Having good habits is imperative for a healthy and beautiful smile. 

What Does a Family Dentist Do?

Family dentistry’s primary goal is preventive dentistry. The ultimate goal is achieving and maintaining long-term dental health. Please keep reading for some of the most common services we offer in Las Vegas.

  • Biannual dental cleaning and exams: Six-month exams and professional teeth cleanings are critical for everyone. We can catch dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay long before it worsens and becomes more complicated and expensive. 
  • Cavity checks and fillings: Did you know that tooth decay is preventable? Family dentists help educate families on the best at-home practices. We specialize in identifying and filling cavities before tooth pain worsens.
  • Fluoride, dental sealants, and teeth whitening: Fluoride treatments and dental sealants are a great option to help prevent tooth decay in children. If you are interested in lightening and breaking up stains and discoloration on your teeth to improve your appearance quickly, teeth whitening is for you.
  • Periodontal disease treatments: Gum maintenance, scaling, and root planing treat patients suffering from gum disease.

Family dentistry helps your family achieve and maintain optimal oral health that lasts a lifetime. 

Lowers Anxiety

Dental phobia is common and can be a terrifying experience for those going for their first visit. Visiting a family dentist together can be comforting for those experiencing anxiety. Paired with an activity afterward, it can even be a fun outing for the whole family. 

When your young children see you having regular check-ups, it helps them become more familiar and less fearful of the dental chair. Sometimes all we need to get through a scary experience is a hand to hold during a procedure.

Visit Your Family Dentist Together

There is no more need to make separate trips to visit a pediatric dentist while the adults go to a general dentist. We highly recommend choosing a family dentist so the whole family can be seen at the dental office with back-to-back appointments. Can you imagine how much time and energy you’ll save by not having to arrange multiple visits throughout the year? 

Visiting a family dentist makes things much more convenient, as they specialize in a wide range of dental solutions with the latest technology. The whole family will receive the comprehensive treatments required for optimal oral health.

Be a Part of Our Dental Family

Visiting the same family dentist builds friendship and trust with the dentist and staff. Having a sense of familiarity helps ease tension and anxiety with dental procedures. Feeling comfortable makes the dental experience more pleasant. 

In addition, the staff will have all your records on file, so there is no need to fill out more paperwork each time. Visiting a family dentist is simple, efficient, and hassle-free.

Get Your Family Dentistry in Las Vegas, Nevada

Drs. Cong and Smith and their highly trained staff at Sweet Smiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Las Vegas, Nevada, care about your family’s oral health. Call today to schedule an appointment for the whole family. We are eager to care for your family’s oral health long-term!

We offer various professional dental services, including a comprehensive list of general, restorative, and cosmetic dental care services, like teeth whitening, dental implants, and dental crowns. Please schedule your family dentistry visits with us today!