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Emergency Dentist


emergency dentist in las vegas

Some of the patients that come to see Dr. Candy, unfortunately, have major injuries to their mouth and are in need of emergency dental work. Unlike most dentists, we provide emergency dentistry and will have a dental chair waiting for you. Emergencies can happen for lots of reasons. Maybe you slipped and fell or had a car accident. Regardless of your dental emergency, we have you covered.


We hope that this never happens to you because no one enjoys damaged mouths or traumatic injuries from accidents, especially accidents that leave permanent damage to a patient’s mouth and face. You’ll receive the help that you need because we offer johnny-on-the-spot emergency dentistry.


If you aren’t able to get into a dental office during normal business hours but have overwhelming tooth pain, don’t worry because you can call on Dr. Candy your new emergency dentist. They will assess your case and then fix the trauma as best they can to stabilize your teeth. If you are experiencing pain, they can assist with finding the cause and offering a solution. They also have medications that can be prescribed to lessen the tooth pain caused by trauma.



In addition to providing emergency dentistry, we also are focused on pain-free dentistry. So, when you come to see us, rest assured that we’ll do everything in our power to make the dental appointment as calm and comfortable as possible. If you are an emergency dental patient and have had an injury to one of your teeth you’ll want to call us immediately. Remember that tooth damage can increase over time without treatment.


Sometimes the damage may not cause pain but the damage has still been done. So, regardless if you feel pain or not it’s always best to call and have an evaluation even if you think that you might be okay. If you’ve had a traumatic blow to the mouth, it’s possible that you’ve cracked a tooth but the fracture is so small that you can’t see it. Remember it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s important to have one of our amazing emergency dentists evaluate.




Depending on the type of damage there are quite a few treatments that our dentists can perform. It could be that you’ve only cracked or chipped a tooth, which would be the least aggressive type of emergency dental injury. On the other end of the emergency dental spectrum, you might have had a tooth knocked out.


Whatever your situation is please call us as soon as you possibly can so that we can help save your tooth. In cases where the tooth has been knocked out, the longer the tooth stays out of the cavity the more difficult it is to save. Put the tooth in a wet paper towel and call us for an emergency dental appointment. We’ll make sure that your injury is solved quickly.



Even though Dr. Candy offers emergency dentistry in Henderson NV that is not the only dental service that they provide. We offer a wide range of dentist services including teeth whiteningcosmetic dentistry, dentures, and full smile makeovers.


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