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All about Paradise, Nevada

Due to the high water table that made the land fertile for farming, the southern part of Las Vegas Valley was called Paradise Valley as early as 1910. The town had a bit of a bumpy road to becoming what it is. The mayor of Las Vegas wanted to expand the city’s tax base to fund an ambitious building agenda in 1950 by annexing the Las Vegas Strip. Casino executives lobbied the county commissioners for town status, preventing the annexation, and the commission voted to create the unincorporated town. However, months later, after the town had already expanded to include residential areas of Paradise Valley, the county officials decided that the petition to establish the town never received enough signatures. In 1951, they accepted petitions to create two new towns, with Town A (eventually to be called Winchester) covering the areas within a Las Vegas school district and Town B (Paradise) covering the areas within the Paradise school district. In 1975, a state bill attempted to incorporate Paradise and Winchester into Las Vegas, but the bill was struck down as unconstitutional by the state Supreme Court. Today, Paradise remains an unincorporated town with a population over 191,000.

Sweet Smiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Paradise

We love serving the people of Paradise and helping them achieve their healthy smile goals. Whether that means emergency dental care when accidents or injuries happen or something more advanced like dental implants, we look forward to our practice becoming your partner in lifelong dental health. If you are unsure whether your situation is considered a dental emergency, do not hesitate to contact us anyway. We quickly diagnose and determine the gravity of the problem and treat you according to your emergency needs promptly. Sometimes life happens, and there are just times when dental care is immediately needed. In these times, an emergency dentist like ours is who you need to call.

Things to Do in Paradise, NV

A great place to spend an afternoon with friends, family, or coworkers in the area is an escape room at Escapology. The puzzles are a ton of fun to solve, and it’s also a great place to get engaged if both you and your significant other enjoy solving mysteries together. You can join the Scooby Gang in a spooky castle adventure, find the cure to save the world from a plague, repair a Star Trek ship and save its crew, or experience another of their exciting escape scenarios. Of course, nobody can come to Vegas without seeing The Strip. There are incredible attractions like reconstructions of Venice, Paris, and New York, among others. You’ll need at least a whole day just to explore the main road, and a whole lot extra to properly admire the interiors. It’s especially breathtaking at night when all the lights are on.
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