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Dr. Susan S. Smith DDS Near Green Valley South, Henderson NV

Dr. Susan S. Smith DDS, Dentist Near Green Valley South, Henderson NV

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All About Green Valley South, Henderson Nevada

Green Valley South is located in Clark County, which is part of the southern metropolitan area of Las Vegas. People come from all over the country to live in Henderson because of it’s amazing climate, friendly neighbors and the wide variety of outdoor activities. Most families in this area own their own homes and send their kids to fantastic public schools. AreaVibes gives living in Green Valley South a livability rating of 87, which is 97% higher than all other towns in Nevada. We’re pretty happy about that rating. The enjoyable life here in Green Valley South is one of the reasons that Dr. Smith and Dr. DeSilva established their dental practice just down the road.  

Working in Green Valley South, Henderson Nevada

Dr. Smith and Dr. DeSilva established their dental practice just down the road from Green Valley South. At Dr. Susan S. Smith DDS they offer a wide range of dental services including dental implants, full and partial dentures and smile makeovers. One service that they are especially proud of is teeth whitening in Henderson Nevada.  

Teeth Whitening at Dr. Susan S. Smith DDS

For those patients who have stains for coffee, tea, wine and smoking. Dr. Smith says that it is one of the best ways to improve your smile. But some people ask, “Aren't there many other ways to whiten your teeth than a professional whitening?” Well yes, such as toothpaste and whitening strips. However, those types of whitening will only take off some of the stains. Most over the counter options are only good for whitening your teeth one shade lighter. Professional whitening can whiten several degrees in one sitting and is your best bet. Dentists Dr. Smith and DeSilva are willing to fix your smile in whatever way is needed. Some patients even come in prior to their 6 month cleaning to get help. If you are not happy with your smile in any way, please speak to our dentist and see what options would work for you. Technology has come a long way and there are many solutions to help make your smile amazing. Let us help you reach your oral health goals. Call us today!  

Green Valley South, Henderson - Legacy Golf Club

Do you live in or around Green Valley South and love to golf? If you do, check out the Legacy Golf Club. They offer group outings or if you are really into golf you might want to take a look at their annual golf plans. Many of the local businesses use the golf course to conduct business and break up the monotony of being in the office. There is a dress code at Legacy Golf Club so be sure that you check out their website to ensure that you are following the rules. This is a luxurious resort and you’re not allowed to wear metal spikes on the course. There is also no denim allowed and a collared shirt is required.