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All About Henderson, Nevada

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Finally incorporated in 1953, Henderson, Nevada was once called “The City of Destiny” by none other than President John F. Kennedy. Before then, it was a simple 13 square mile area that encompassed a magnesium plant. Magnesium was being supplied to the War Department during WWII for munitions and airplane parts.


After the war, there was no more need for magnesium, and the 14,000 employees moved away along with their families, leaving Henderson two-thirds smaller and a myriad of houses vacant.


But have no fear, Henderson city was saved by the Nevada Legislature, giving the Colorado River Commission of Nevada the authority to purchase the industrial plants.


Today, the City of Henderson, Nevada boasts an area growth of more than 103 square miles and is the second-largest city in Nevada next to Las Vegas. With an increasing number of shopping malls, theaters, restaurants, and the I-215 highway only minutes away from the famous Las Vegas Strip, there is never a dull moment.


Beautifully designed residential areas, business development, outstanding parks, and recreation facilities make Henderson, Nevada, a dynamic community and indeed a “city of destiny” with small-town values that everyone would love to call home.


Sweet Smiles has been beautifying Henderson’s smiles since 2002. Dr. Candy sincerely cares for her clients’ well being and emphasizes education about the importance of good oral health.


In Henderson, Nevada, Sweet Smiles is available for all your questions, whether it be as simple as cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening appointments or as complicated and urgent as emergency dentistry. They are here to serve you and the community. Please stop by or give them a call at (702) 967-1700.


Most know Ethel Mars as a confectioner of tasty chocolate treats. But did you know they also have Nevada’s most significant and one of the world’s most abundant Botanical Cactus Gardens located right here in Henderson, NV?


This breathtaking three-acre botanical garden has over 300 species of drought-tolerant ornamental, cacti, and other succulents. Half of which is mainly native to the American Southwest and the others from Australia and South America.


At Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden, all the plants were chosen, both for the beauty and their ability to adapt to Southern Nevada’s climate. The garden is also sustainable. The chocolate factory recycles 100 percent of its wastewater without using chemicals, thanks to bacteria, algae, snails, and fish. The water hydrates the plants and also attracts a variety of local birds.


So, take a leisurely self-guided stroll through the cactus garden at absolutely no charge. And maybe taste a chocolate or two. But please remember when it comes to healthy smiles, it’s all about moderation.